New Phones Before 2015 Ends

Christmas season has already started and a lot of people are now trying to find the best gift that they could give their loved ones. One of the most popular choice when it comes to gift giving are mobile phones, it may not be that cheap but someone may actually be planning to buy one especially that the year is about to end, meaning it’s time to get a new one for the new year.

2015 is great year with so many great phones released in the market. Apples iPhone 6s made it to the last quarter while Sony Xperia Z5 made it before the year ends too. Samsung was able to release 2 of their best featured phones which are the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, I guess there would be a moment of silence from these companies at least until the mid of 2016, or maybe they won’t stop at all.

These phone are some of the most high end mobile phones that you can get in the market, they are great for multitasking and can perform faster that most phone models in the market. Although their designs are really inviting, I wouldn’t waste much money on them if I am just going to play some time management games or puzzle games that we can all download on these phones. However, some people really can afford them, regardless of their purpose and that is just fine.

If you are planning to get a new phone on 2016, doing some research on the different specs and usability of the phone will help you a lot on deciding which to get and what’s best for you and you budget. If there are some new models coming in, try to wait it out for a while and maybe the prices would also get a bit lower after a few weeks or months.

Great Amenities from Bay Club Condos

The bay club condos are a high-rise condominium building that house 1,037 units in total. It has a huge unit areas offered to interested buyers who wishes to have their own place in this beautifully designed building inside and out.

What makes this condo really interesting and popular are the facilities that it offers its residents that they may not have to leave home all the time. It has its own convenience store for your quick needs, a salon fro makeovers and even laundry services if you feel like not doing the works on weekends.

Other than that, there are also 4 tennis courts that homeowners may use all the time, a professional trainer is also available for those who wishes to be good in playing tennis. The fitness gym center is also equipped with the latest workout machines that will help people maintain their good shape or further achieve their weight goals.

Security is round the clock so everybody can make sure that safety is prioritized. Library, billiards room and children’s play areas are also located inside the building which gives the people a lot of activities without the need to go someplace else, not to mention the heated pool as well.


Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve done anything but we wanted to let you guys know that we are no longer providing a radio broadcast due to the company’s internal conflicts regarding what content to discuss. Fortunately, we’ve held on to this site for now to allow any fans of the radio to read up on some interesting stuff that we talked about in the past. Don’t expect any groundbreaking stuff but you’ll find some fun and interesting facts.

For now, please enjoy this video on how to successfully host a radio show. We hope you enjoy!

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